About Us

This business was founded to supply & inform the "mere mortal" of the engineering world. The home hobbyist to the engineering shop. If we don't use it, we don't sell it! This helps us to be very familiar the products we offer.

Our products are mainly sourced from China & Taiwan (aren't everybodys!), and the aim is to have products priced on par with importing - while offering better quality control and local guarantees!

HMSNZ is run by Mark Whitlock - a self taught Engineer type, with an interest in small scale manufacturing.

Q & A

Q: Judging by your name, your only suited to hobbyists! What can you offer a "proper" engineering company? 

A: Our products are very suitable for general engineering companies, and are accurate and robust enough for their intended use!

Q: Why should I buy from you and not just import everything from deepest, darkest china!? 

A: If you compare prices (including shipping) you'll find our prices come quite close to importing, and the added security of warranty protection, shipping guarantees and quality assurance is worth the difference!