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G0704 / BF20 Basic Belt Drive Kit

An economical kit to get you away from the plastic gear drive.

This belt drive is designed to be simple & compact, while retaining the quill drive function. The gears on the G0704 are VERY prone to stripping, with replacements needing a lengthy wait. This belt drive will make your machine quieter.  You can also use the existing motor cover. This kit has parts in common with the Brushless motor version - so you can upgrade that motor at a later stage. You will need a new pulley & motor plate (available separately).

The pulleys are sized to give a 0.7 reduction on the standard motor - giving increased torque and limiting the max speed to about 4000rpm (based on 5600rpm stock motor speed).

New Quill & Spindle bearings are recommended for lower friction running:

Quill Drive: Replace with Nachi Shielded 6007ZZE & 6209ZZE.
R8/MT3 Spindle: Replace with 7007 & 7005 angular contact bearings (requires bearing spacer)
MT2 Spindle: Replace with 2x 7005 angular contact bearings (requires bearing spacer)

The belt drive should be compatible with the following machines:

Grizzly G0704
Warco WM-16
SPG 2217-lll LV
King KC-20VS
Busy Bee CX600

May Also fit Optimum BF20 - check diagram image.

To check comparability, take measurements of the points below and compare them to the numbers. If they are different by more than 1mm, problems will arise with installation.

Additional Upgrade Pulley - Purchase this if you intend to upgrade your 10mm shaft motor, to the BLDC upgrade motor.

Install Instructions here:  http://hmsnz.co.nz/manuals/stockbdk/StockMotorBDK.html