G0704 / BF20 - Dual Ratio Belt Drive

Deluxe Dual ratio belt drive kit for all BF20 / G0704 machines. Removes quill drive and uses direct spindle mounting. Advanced features

Size of the spindle diameter - across the splines

Diameter of the motor shaft

Provisions for adding trial weights, enabling precision balancing to be carried out.


This kit gives you the ability to swap between High Torque or High Speed - depending on the job.  After some practice, swap between ratios in under 30 seconds.

With the stock G0704 motor (14mm shaft), you'll see  2400 Low /4800 H (based on 3600RPM motor speed). With the BF20 Vario, you'll see 3750 Low / 7450 High (based on 5600rpm motor).  If you upgrade to the recommended BLDC motor, you'll see 4000 / 8000 RPM.  The kit is compatible with BOTH motors! (no additional parts needed).

Provisions for balancing weights can be added for a fee (this does not mean the pulleys are balanced). M4 holes tapped at 10 degree intervals.


  • Black Anodised finish as standard
  • Low Speed -  Motor Speed x0.67 Reduction / High Speed = x1.33 Increase
  • Tool-Less Quick swap between ratios (levered handles)
  • "Nude" design - gets rid of the quill for better speed & balance at high speed 

Recommended bearing arrangement is Taper Roller top (32005 - stock bearing), 7007 Angular Contact + Spacer bottom (supplied separately).

* You'll need to supply your spindle shaft diameter, across the splines.

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