Manufacturer Adlee Powertronic

Adlee AM370-H BLDC Motor & Drive (BL2)

Ideal for Grizzly G0704 and Optimum BF20

- 370 Watt Rated / 1110 watt max (with 300% Over current).
- 6000rpm Speed, 1.96Nm Torque
- Taps to M6 x 1.00 with no reduction, M8 x 1.25 with 2:1 reduction
- Mach 3 compatible - works with most speed control boards (CNC4PC C6, HommanDesigns Digispeed)
- Fully programmable settings (Accel, Decel, P gain, I gain)
- Monitoring features - commanded RPM, actual RPM, amperage draw.
- Built in protection features - Motor & drive over heat, over voltage, over current, stall (overload).
- 200-240v only (not dual voltage).

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